Multi-Tenant Office Cleaning Las Vegas

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Multi-Tenant Building Cleaning Las Vegas

It’s no secret: as a property manager, you’re a busy person. The daily activities of successfully managing your facility all add-up to providing a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment for tenants and visitors.

The overall image and cleanliness of your building has a huge impact on whether or not people have a positive impression of your property and your occupancy levels. With more than 50 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, System4 has a proven image enhancement system that works for you.

We pride ourselves on providing superior service to multi-tenant buildings with our 4-Point Solution for a Clean Work Environment:

  1. Route-based Team Cleaners follow a detailed work schedule customized to each tenant.
  2. On-Site communication logs and dedicated e-mail for each suite, coupled with in-person inspections, create a winning quality assurance program.
  3. Professional grade chemicals and equipment are used to ensure our cleaning is both effective and efficient.
  4. Color-coded microfiber materials are used to prevent cross-contamination in the facility.

As a full service company, System4 understands that quality training equals quality cleaning. Our Service Providers are trained to:

  •  Clean with “Green” chemicals and procedures that lessen environmental impact
  •  Understand germ and infection control
  •  Maintain sanitary and organized custodial closets
  •  Deliver expert services from vacuuming and dusting to advanced floor and carpet care
  •  Understand OSHA and HIPAA regulations.

We stand behind our guarantees: System4 does not require long-term contracts.

Multi-Tenant Building Cleaning Las Vegas